Software / Programming

Code Snippets

Over the years I’ve accumulated bits and pieces of code I’ve written, mostly from the proces of learning. Below are some:

  • mylex.c – A common programming problem for someone learning C is to write a function that can be used to break a string up into its logical tokens ie. lexical analysis. This is an example of that.
  • btree.c – A simple binary-tree data structure written using C++ templates.

Free (as in both beer and freedom) Software

I worked on the Quanta KDE webdev project for about a year. I am the original author of Kommander, a quick tool for creating simple GUI applications. It now lives at


Miditrace allows you to monitor the MIDI output of a MIDI device, explore the data, and save it to trace files.

Audio Project Archiver

Audio Project Archiver is a tool for packaging uncompressed audio files. It bundles directory structures into a single file, and compresses any audio using a lossless audio codec.

Commercial Software

Order Manager for MT4

Advanced order manage for Metatrader 4.

Support and Resistance Indicator for MT4

An indicator for Metatrader 4 using the PivotFarm service.



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